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our accessories

Basson accesssories

We offer the largest choice of oboe accessories in Canada! Our specialized oboe accessory catalogue contains over 200 popular items, including :

  • reeds
  • cane
  • tools
  • reed-making products
  • knives
  • reed cases
  • instrument cases and covers
  • instrument stands
  • etc.

Flute accessories

  • cases and covers by Cavallaro, Protec, Bam, Powell, DEG
  • K&M metal or wooden stands (flute or piccolo)
  • Blitz care cloths
  • Bo-Pep and Flute For Fingers (exclusive) devices

We also carry:

  • cleaning rods
  • powdered pad paper
  • lyres
  • plugs
  • etc.

Clarinet accessories

  • cases & covers by Protec, Bam, DEG, Soundwear, Buffet, Leblanc, Ameritage
  • instrument stands by K&M (wood or metal)
  • reeds by Vandoren, Rico, Zonda
  • quality mouthpieces by Viotto, Vandoren, Selmer, Woodwind, Gennusa, Gigliotti, Ridenour, Garrett, Lomax, Chedeville, Lurie, Bay, E. Schreiber, Hite, Yamaha
  • ligatures by Vandoren, BG, Rovner, Bonade, Nobel, Olegature
  • barrels by Buffet (Moenig, Chadash), Orsi (grenadilla & cocobolo), Véraquin (grenadilla & kingwood)
  • reed cases by Vandoren, Selmer, Protec, Rico, Hodge
  • more...

We also carry:

  • swabs
  • powdered pad paper
  • lyres
  • mouthpiece patches
  • reed-making tools and supplies
  • blank cane
  • etc.

Saxophone accessories

  • cases & covers by Protec, Bam, DEG, Soundwear, Ameritage
  • instrument stands by K&M, Profile, Hamilton, Hercules
  • reeds by Vandoren, Rico, Rico Royal, LaVoz, Zonda
  • mouthpieces by Vandoren, Selmer, Yamaha
  • jazz mouthpieces by Vandoren, Selmer, SR Technologies, Otto Link, Meyer, Brancher, Berg Larsen
  • ligaturesby Vandoren, BG, Rovner, Bonade, Nobel, Olegature
  • neckstraps & harnesses by BG, Rico, Neotech, Emilio, Protec
  • reed casesVandoren, Selmer, Protec, Rico, Hodge
  • etc.

We also carry

  • swabs
  • neck & mouthpiece pouches
  • lyres
  • mouthpiece parches
  • reed-making tools & supplies
  • more...

Brasswind accessories

  • mouthpieces by Bach, Denis Wick, Holton, Faxx, Écono, Yamaha, Helleberg
  • mutes by Bach, Denis Wick, Jo-Ral, Windy City, Tom Crown, Harmon, Nomis
  • instrument stands by K&M, Hamilton, Profile, Manhasset, Hercules, Nobel
  • cases by Protec, Bam, Bach, King
  • valve & slide lubricants by Superslick, Al Cass, Hetman, Roché- Thomas
  • more...

We also carry

  • care clothes
  • mouthpiece pouches
  • lyres
  • tuning slide grease
  • leather hand guards
  • grime gutters
  • etc.


One-stop shopping: get your general music supplies from Veraquin:

  • music stands (light & heavy)
  • music stand clip-on shelf (for piccolo)
  • metronomes
  • electronic tuners
  • stand lights
  • music folders
  • germicide spray
  • music paper
  • conducting batons
  • etc.

Shop for your favourite accessories by visiting our store or by easy and convenient mail order. Call toll-free 1-866-528-9974