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The Julius Keilwerth saxophone company is a small yet reputable German maker that was established in 1925. It is well known for its line of professional instruments inspired by vintage American saxophones. The tone qualities of all Keilwerth saxophones is darker and deeper that most other brands. It is recognized that this roundness of the sound also accounts for a more homogenous tone throughout all registers. Ergonomics are a fine example of what German engineering can offer.

SX90 Saxophones

Manufacturer : Keilwerth

This model with straight tone holes is no longer being made. The Big Bell and bow design contribute to a larger and more powerful sound, with easier response of the low notes.

Main features 

Traditional straight tone holes
Adjustable metal thumb rest
Adjustable height of the 3 palm keys
F to F# reinforced linkage
No-stick patented G# lifting arm
Stainless steel screws
Large ring-free and ultra polished mother of pearls
Leather pads with metal resonators
Engraved bell
Mouthpiece and BAM style case included



Vernished soprano





Since 1885, legendary French instrument maker HENRI SELMER is hailed for producing the best saxophones, almost since the instrument itself was invented more than a century ago. Selmer-Paris saxophones are sought-after worldwide and are considered to be the finest. From the mythical MARK-VI of the 1960’s to the latest SUPER ACTION 80, Selmer saxophones have been favoured by the greatest artists, from both jazz and classical backgrounds.

SuperAction 80 Serie II

Manufacturer : Selmer-Paris

The star model of this legendary brand...

Lacquered brass with engraving
Range to low A
Full and open sound, colourful and offering great projection. Ideal in all situations: jazz, classical, sax quartet and band.
Well balanced and precise keywork
High F# key
Stainless steel springs
Genuine mother of pearl fnger buttons
Leather pads with metal resonators
Adjustable right hand plastic thumb rest
S80 C* hard rubber mouthpiece and deluxe case included

5999,00 $

9539,00 $

Selmer Super Action 80 Serie III

Manufacturer : Selmer-Paris

The most sophisticated model of this legendary brand...
Lacquered brass with engraving. Brighter and more focused sound than the Series II
with improved intonation due to a modifed bore design

Double C# key
High F# key
Brass thumb rest
Stainless steel springs
Leather pads with metal resonators (without rivets)
S80 C* hard rubber mouthpiece and deluxe case included

5,595,00 $

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