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The new generation of Buffet Crampon student oboes introduces several technical improvements to the line, made with beginners and amateur players specially in mind:
- a new design for the plateau keys providing the same ease and feel as the professional line of Buffet Crampon oboes
- a new ergonomic layout for the spatulas making playing more comfortable for all sizes of hands
- new adjustment screws with large heads, ensuring highly accurate regulation
- new sturdy, long-lasting octave vents
The student line of Buffet Crampon oboes covers the whole range, from instruments specially designed for children to fully equipped models. Standing out among the line’s strong points is a body in African blackwood (Grenadilla) with a resin-lined bore, making the instrument highly crack resistant.
This is why Buffet Crampon student oboes are considered the most reliable on the market, and come with a 10-year guarantee against cracks.

4052 Oboe

Manufacturer : Buffet-Crampon

Grenadilla wood
Luracast lined bore to prevent cracking 

Semi-automatic conservatory model
Cork and skin pads
Double G#, E flat, C# trill, Left hand F
Low Bb with resonance key
Third octave key
Stainlees steel rods and pivot screws

Thin french case with nylon cover

3 495.00$


Founded in 1893, Cabart became part of the Lorée Company in 1974. CABART is the stamp of well-made intermediate oboes with close tolerances, key-fitting, and cork pads throughout the instrument. Because of their high standard of manufacture combined with precise and stable tuning, CABART is, very often, the most promising student choice

Conservatoire model

Manufacturer : Cabart

All trill keys
3rd octave key
Forked F resonance key
Lefted hand F key
Low B flat resonance key

English thumb plate

Price upon request


#12030 Mistral Oboe

Manufacturer : Nobel

Wood composite body, silver plated keys, cork pads, full conservatory system with low Bb, left hand F, resonance key, etc. French pochette case with cover. When it comes to double-reeds, you can trust the name Nobel. The Mistral oboe performs better than many student instruments and offers a more elaborate keywork than most.

2845,00 $

Selmer USA

All the instruments in this section are new. They are offered with a significant discount for various reasons: end of line, discontinued model, display model, cosmetic imperfections, etc. For used instruments, please see the corresponding menu. All sales are final.


Manufacturer : Selmer USA

ABS body, silver-plated keys, left hand F key, low Bb, vinyl-covered wood case


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