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#13010 Mistral Bassoon

Manufacturer : Nobel

Stained and varnished Canadian maple body, "Heckel" colour, imitation ivory bell ring, silver plated keys, high D key, F# roller, Bb/E/F# rollers, left hand whisper key lock, body lock, hand rest, balance hanger, supplied with two superior quality bocals, classic case.

4926,00 $


Schreiber bassoons are recognized worldwide for their even sound, their reliability and their ergonomic design. This prestigious German maker presents three professional models. Each bassoon offers a high level of craftsmanship and performance.

5116 Bassoon

Manufacturer : Schreiber

Alpine mountain maple
High quality varnish

25 silver plated key
Lining of the two boot joint bores
4 rollers
Traditional pivot screws
Body lock
Tenon caps
High D key
C#, D# trill keys
Left hand whisper key lock
Double C

Two bocals
Hand rest
Case & cover


Price reduction:  $8,499,00$

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