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#16006 Trumpet in C

Manufacturer : Nobel

Silver plated, 0.563" bore, first and third valve slides, silver plated mouthpiece, ABS case. This affordable C trumpet is a must for any advancing classical musician.

780,00 $

#16030 Bb Cornet (engraved)

Manufacturer : Nobel

Lacquered brass, rose brass lead pipe, first and third valve slides, engraved bell, superior MONEL alloy valves, sturdy wood shell case. A real beauty, the Nobel Mistral cornet delivers on all fronts. It is rapidly becoming a hot item in the brasswind line.

599,00 $

#16009 Flugelhorn

Manufacturer : Nobel

0.460" bore, rose brass crook, third valve trigger, superior MONEL alloy valves silver plated mouthpiece, light case. The very attractive price of this flugelhorn positions it as being the best value on the high brass market.

699,00 $

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