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Our team

Véraquin Montréal

Pascal Véraquin
Experienced repair technician specialized in all woodwinds, recognized for the precision of his work and his overall expertise on the acoustics and physics of musical instruments. A graduate of U.N.L.V. (Master's Degree in Woodwind Doubling Performance) he started studying instrument repairs in 1982. He has later perfected his art at the Powell Flutes factory in Boston and with the specialists at Buffet-Crampon. His own line of handmade clarinet barrels is popular all over the world and are praised for their warm sound and superior tuning. Because of his vast experience, he is called upon to give seminars at various musical events (Yale University, Ottawa Flute Fair, CAMMAC, Congrès FAMEQ).

Simon Loignon
Veteran brass repair technician. He is a graduate of UQAM (Bachelor's Degree in Performance / French Horn). He has received high praise for his unmatched abilities in dent removal, soldering, slide alignment and valve adjustment.