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We offer our goods and services to public and private learning institutions of all levels. We also cater to various musical organizations, including community bands, military bands, professional and amateur orchestras, brass bands and school marching bands. We welcome the opportunity to provide quotations for musical instruments and accessories for all these groups.


We urge all elementary and high school teachers to try our diverse brands of woodwind and brass instruments. They are among the best made and best valued student instruments available today. As knowledgeable dealers and repair specialists, we stand strongly behind these products and can assure you that you will be completely satisfied when purchasing any of these fine wind instruments. Find-out how these great instruments can help you achieve your goals, and stimulate your students to really get involved in your music program!


We welcome school tenders for all accessories and band room supplies: music stands, mutes, metronomes, mouthpieces, cleaning swabs, etc, to help you select your band accessories. We carry accessories selected for their high peformance and durability and for their best value.

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