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Repair Service

Pascal Véraquin, supported by his team of experienced technicians, is recognized throughout North America for his fine work, his expertise and his professional service. A large number of symphony players and teachers call on him to service their instruments.

At Veraquin's workshop, our specialists spare no efforts to fix, improve and rejuvenate your instrument. Whether you are a famous artist, a gigging musician or a passionate amateur, you will be treated with the same consideration and respect. Your questions about any technical aspect of your instrument or its proper maintenance are always welcome. The 700 + repairs that we perform every year in our shop combined with our experience as musicians ensures that you will get the right answer to any question.

All types of repairs are performed in our shop, from the very simple to the most sophisticated. Our expertise results from of having integrated proven traditional techniques with state-of-the art modern technology. Our privileged relationship with manufacturers allows us to go directly to the source for technical information and original parts.



We are happy to offer the following advanced repair procedures:

  • wood crack repairs with carbon fibers
  • tenon grafting (oboe, clarinet, bassoon)
  • flute and clarinet overhauls with Straubinger pads
  • custom key fabrication
  • valve machining on precision lathe
  • ultrasonic cleaning

Our "by appointment" service ensures that when you come to our shop for repairs, you can meet with one of our technicians who will take the time to properly evaluate your instrument and recommend the proper actions. If you live outside the Montreal area, you may send your instrument by courrier and we will be happy to give you a quote by telephone or email.

Feel free to contact us for any information regarding our repair service or to ask for an appointment!

Complete instruments overhauls

Instrument Type Price*
Student piccolo plastic 800,00$
Piccolo pro wood or metal 1200,00$
Cork pads: add 250,00$
Student flute Plateaux fermés 500,00$
Intermediate flute open holes 925,00$
Silver pro flute silver keys 1200,00$
Handmade / Custom flute soldered tone holes 1300,00$
Gold flute 1500,00$
buffing add 150,00$
Straubinger pads add 250,00$
Alto flute 1250,00$
Bass flute 1450,00$
Student clarinet plastique 450,00$
Pro Bb/A clarinet wood 850,00$
Eb clarinet 825,00$
Student alto clarinet plastic 950,00$
Pro alto clarinet wood 1250,00$
Student bass clarinet plastic 950,00$
Pro bass clarinet Low Eb wood 1600,00$
Pro bass clarinet Low C wood 1850,00$
Student oboe plastic 950,00$
Pro oboe wood 2000,00$
English horn wood 2000,00$
Student bassoon plastic 1250,00$
Intermediate bassoon wood 1650,00$
Pro bassoon wood 3500,00$
Contrabasson 4800,00$
Soprano sax 1100,00$
Alto sax 1150,00$
Tenor sax 1200,00$
Baritone sax 1650,00$
Silver sax: add, ajouter (clean silver) 225,00$
Kangoroo leather pads (Roopads): add 175,00$
Vintage sax add: 500,00$

* Prices may change without notice
Final price quote after instrument inspection only.