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commentaires de clients

Commentaires sur nos réparations.

"Merci mille fois Pascal ! J'ai eu l'occasion de faire quelques "gigs" avec mon sax depuis ta mise au point. C'est vrai qu'il vibre beaucoup plus qu'avant. Il a repris toute sa sonorité. Ton souci du détail fait toute la différence !"
Jacques Lelièvre, Laval, Qc.

"Pascal, Simplement un gros merci pour ton temps pris cet après-midi pour vérifier et ajuster mon saxophone Keilwerth. Il jouait bien et il joue maintenant beaucoup mieux. Ton attention est très appréciée."
Jean-Claude Plante, Saint-Bruno, Qc.

"Salut Pascal, C'est super...ma clarinette est maintenant stable...Tu as fait un travail superbe sur les clés du bas... plus de bruit et le mécanisme répond bien!"
Xavier Brossard-Ménard, Clarinettiste, Ensemble QAT, Ensemble Soffio. Montréal, Qc.

"Bonjour Pascal, Je voulais simplement te remercier du travail fantastique que tu as effectué sur mon basson Moosmann. La différence est stupéfiante; ça été un bonheur de le retrouver ce matin...Merci."
Mathieu Lussier, Bassoniste. Montréal, Qc. membre de Pantaedre, invité régulier des Violons du Roy.

"Bonjour Pascal: The oboe arrived A-1. I like the pad you put on the low B. The next time I send the oboe to you for servicing I might have you change all the Gortex pads. The pad you put on looks very even and strong. It is nice to have the trill notes sounding again. Everything feels very good. Thank you very much."
Paul Schieman, principal oboe; Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

"Hi Pascal, The clarinet arrived today. It looks and feels great. I didn't realize how much of a difference your overhaul would make. Thank you very much."
Walter Clinton, North Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

"Hi Pascal and others, I received my flute today and I'm very happy! It's amazing how much quieter the keys are! I can't believe I waited so long for an overhaul! I look forward to putting it in a good case! Thanks for your fine work! "
Harold Blount, Ottawa, Ontario.

"... I really would like to thank you for all of your emails and the help that you have offered during our correspondence. When we are next in Canada, I will make sure to visit you at the store. I have looked at the website so at least I can put a face to the name! Your service is outstanding and I will be advertising Pascal Verquin Inc. to all and sundry here in Bermuda!!!! I sincerely look forward to meeting you…and, needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Buffet and my old clarinet that you overhauled. Many, many thanks."
Nigel Kermode, Bermuda.

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Commentaires sur nos instruments et accessoires.

"Dear Pascal: I'm more grateful than you can know for your prompt, detailed, and informative responses to my questions, and wanted to write to tell you so. I've been shopping for a clarinet for about four or five months now, reading, researching, contacting retailers locally and online to compare prices and seek advice; none have answered my questions as thoroughly or as candidly as you have. Indeed, some have not bothered to respond to my queries at all, though all say they pride themselves on customer service. I wanted only to make an informed judgment about what to me is a major purchase and to know what I was buying. I'm still not quite sure what's wrong with that. Please note, too, that many of the questions I asked others, especially about the preparation and set-up of the instrument, I didn't have to ask you because on your Web site you'd already clarified the process your clarinets undergo. That sort of attention to little but important details makes me more confident buying an instrument sight unseen over the Internet. Your price is competitive with the best I'm finding in the States, and cheaper than most: this without factoring in the careful preparation and the extended written warranty. Again, you have my gratitude."
Mark Malvasi, Midlothian, Virginia.

"Bonjour Pascal! Finalement, je prends une minute entre deux concours de musique avec ma nouvelle flûte Powell pour venir vous remercier de l'envoi par la poste et de la surprise d'un joli T-shirt gratuit. C'est très gentil de votre part d'avoir pensé à cela. A la prochaine."
Jaël Marques de Souza Orléans, Ontario.

"Bonjour, C'est pour vous dire que je suis très satisfaite de votre excellent service . Ma clarinette neuve Buffet-Crampon est arrivée aujourd'hui. Elle est parfaite, c'est exactement ce que je voulais. Je suis très heureuse d'avoir fait appel à vos services pour cet achat. Merci!!"
Isabelle Bart, Hull.

"Bonjour Mr. Véraquin, Juste un petit mot pour vous dire que la flûte que nous avons achetée chez vous est très appréciée par notre fille Yolande, elle en est très contente. Quelle chance que Jean Derome nous ait parlé de vous juste à temps! Il est évident que si nous avons encore besoin de quoi que ce soit en instruments de musique, c'est chez vous que nous l'achèterons. Un grand merci."
Jean Detheux, Montréal

"Hi, Pascal. I just received my replacement Fibracell reed and noticed a zero charge. This is real nice of you but are you sure you don't want me to pay freight at least? Thanks so much. I really appreciate doing business with you and as I told someone the other day of buying my Keilwerth sax and doing other transactions with you that what I have noticed is your honesty both in business and answers to my questions. Thanks again."
Duane Graves, Minto New Brunswick.

"The clarinet arrived well packed and in perfect condition. It plays beautifully. I was overwhelmed by the combination of power and finesse, and the tone was marvellous. But what really impressed me was how easily it played. It took me a minute or two to stop working so hard and just play. All that in fifteen minutes. Just think of what it's going to be like when the thing is broken in. Thanks again for guiding me to a wonderful clarinet that I'll not only enjoy but cherish. "
Mark Malvasi, Midlothian, Virginia.

"Hey, Pascal--you ever write a book on these things? If not you should. Many thanks for the great advice about saxophone playing. That will keep me going for a little while but don't be surprised if in a month or so that I don't come back at you with another list of "how-comes"... Truly, I can't believe how huge a difference that new mouthpiece you sent me has made. No more unpredictable squeaks and just plain reed crapouts. Thanks so much for taking the time to give me these great answers. Everybody's time is valuable and so, knowing this, I can say I truly appreciate you taking some of your's and "sowing" it my way. Again, many thanks--"
Duane Graves, Minto, New Brunswick.

"Pascal, Many, many thanks, my friend. In two sentences, you have given me more useful information than I have been able to find in a month of talking with people locally, making phone calls, and writing E-mails. Just goes to show, I should have been talking with a clarinet player! Every good wish, and God Bless."
Dave Shults

"Hi Pascal, I just wanted to thank you once again for spending time with me this morning. You were very patient while I tried bells and barrels and register vents. I suppose you're used to it, being a player yourself. Anyway, I hope I didn't disturb you too much. I have a rehearsal tonight and will be using the new bell on my A clarinet. I'll tell you how it feels but I trust your ears. Very nice finally meeting you. Kind regards. PS Let's think about a possible article on you and your shop for the clarinet magazine. Could be fun."
Paul Globus, clarinettist and former member of the M.S.O.

"Hello, David and colleagues. The bassoon sullpies arrived in Ottawa by bus. My son Gareth was delighted, as he had completely run out of wire, and wass low on reeds with some performances coming up. I just wanted to thank you again for going beyond the call of duty and shipping them so promptly, by bus."
Eleanor Thomas, Ottawa, Ont.

"Hi Pascal, Thank you so much for the lovely gift! It arrived yesterday just before I started teaching, so I haven't had a chance to write to you until now. My goodness, you are so very kind. I just love this reed case. It is quite beautiful. Really, I was not expecting a thing, and certainly not something so elaborate. Thank you very much for being so generous!"
Angela Casagrande, assistant principal oboe, The National Arts Center, Ottawa, Ont.

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Commentaires sur les barillets de clarinette Véraquin.

"Salut Pascal, Après 1.30h de tests difficiles à l'aveugle ton barillet en cocobolo s'est avéré le grand gagnant de cette évaluation minutieuse! Bravo!!! Maintenant il faut que je passe te voir pour prendre le temps d'essayer tout ce que tu as!"
André Moisan, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal.

"I played the Veraquin #2 taper barrels today in rehearsal - - they felt great. Tuning seems to be very easy right from the beginning. I have decided to play them for a few weeks exclusively to really get to know them. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks again."
John Schertle, assistant principal clarinet; Hong-Kong Symphony

"...I gave your Veraquin clarinet barrel to David Shifrin, who said he still liked his original barrel better, so I gave it to one of his Yale students: a fantastic Toronto native named Rob Woolfrey. He put it on his clarinet in a chamber music coaching with me, and everyone in the room exclaimed at how much richer and fuller the sound was immediately! I took the liberty of telling him that he could keep it, as long as he told all his friends and colleagues about i! Then I told Shifrin that, although Rob couldn't really feel much difference in the playing, everyone one else noticed a BIG change. So now he's interested again..."
Ransom Wilson, associate flute professor, Yale University

"Hello Mr. Veraquin, I received your cocobolo clarinet barrels today. These are sounding great!! This is too simple to say, but I notice how quick and lively they speak, and how lovely they sound. #3 taper seems to work well with me. I should tell you that your cocobolo barrels are much better than my own Chadash barrels!! Also, each barrels fit very well with my B flat and A clarinets!! Bravo!! Thank you very much for your sophisticated work!!"
Yusuke Takamatsu, Chicago, Ill.

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